Manna Semby, ND

Dr. Manna Semby, ND has a unique story in terms of her journey to becoming a medical health professional. Before pursuing a career in medicine, Manna worked as a CPA on Wall Street where she supported Goldman Sachs equities and trading division.

Unfortunately, her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. After going to the pediatrician for advice on ways to improve her son’s quality of life, she and her husband left downcast. The pediatrician had no answers other than to continue regularly vaccinating her son according to the CDC schedule.

This set off a cascade of events that led Dr. Semby to leave her Wall Street position and devoting herself to her son’s well-being in whatever way she could. After coming across a book on Homeopathy, Manna was shocked to discover how beneficial it could be for children with autism. She began to research alternative, complementary and traditional medicines and found answers within these disciplines that conventional medicine did not have.

A year later, her second son was also diagnosed with autism. This only renewed her commitment to studying alternative approaches and she completed a 3-year degree in classical homeopathy. She began a small, yet successful homeopathy practice and found that most people that came to her had already been to several practitioners and doctors before they sought the help of a homeopath.

As she listened to their complex histories, she realized that to do justice to the people that came to through her practice, she needed to go to medical school. Manna completed a 4-year doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine as is now a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND).

As an ND, Dr. Semby believes that health begins with our thoughts and our mental and emotional landscapes. No pill or therapy can alleviate the damage caused by stress, lack of adequate and restful sleep, lack of exercise, and poor diet and hydration. Lack of healthy relationships and a fragmented community can make us feel lonely and disconnected. It is no surprise that years of stress lead to lowered immunity resulting in chronic infections, autoimmune illnesses, and cancer.

At the Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing, Dr. Semby is dedicated to disease prevention, disease resolution, and wellness lifestyle through homeopathic, integrative, and functional approach founded in science. Dr. Semby has a passion and special emphasis in anxiety, depression, attention deficit, asthma, eczema, GI issues, and autoimmune illnesses.