Become A Patient

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is one of the most life-altering experiences you could ever have, but it does not need to be the most defining. It’s a natural part of the journey to feel the rush of negative emotions following the moment you learn about the diagnosis, but what you do after that moment is when your healing begins. Allow this moment to empower you. Try to view this moment as a pivotal point of your life, where you allow your strengths to come alive to face your fears. The sooner you realize that cancer is a word, and not a sentence, the sooner you can begin your healing journey.

Cancer Center for Healing is a patient-focused clinic created to empower and educate, while providing the most cutting-edge treatments and therapies available with the utmost optimal care for our patients. As the largest out-patient integrative cancer treatment clinic in North America, we consult and treat patients from all over the world with various types and stages of cancer.

Our educated and compassionate staff is led by our Medical Director, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy , the author of The Cancer Revolution , and one of the leading pioneers in integrative health. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team is comprised of a wide range of healthcare professionals, from Medical Doctors to Energetic Practitioners, Registered Nurses to Health Coaches, Emotional and Spiritual Counselors to Patient Care Coordinators. Our team’s collective focus is to treat the Healing the Whole Person while addressing the underlying cause of distress and dis-ease within the body that has manifested into a cancer diagnosis. Click here for interviews with Dr. Connealy to learn more!