Full body Light Bed Therapy is done in a full-sized bed and treats the entire body. In cancer therapy, it is combined with Photodynamic Endolaser Therapy as part of a holistic therapy plan. LED Light Bed Therapy affects the whole body which is beneficial for treating circulation cancer cells. In order to achieve the most optimal results, it is recommended to combine both, the Photodynamic Endolaser and the Full Body LED Light Bed, together with a light-sensitive substance, called a photo-sensitizer.

Tumor cells and microorganisms absorb the photosensitizer and become light-sensitive themselves. When hit with light at the appropriate wavelength corresponding to the absorption spectrum of the specific photosensitizer, they form active oxygen radicals which causes the destruction of the cancer cells.

The Full Body Light Bed uses red, infrared, and blue diodes. Red and infrared wavelengths are used in combination with photosensitizers for killing circulating cancer cells and to prevent metastasis. They also increase cellular activity all over the body.

Begin your cancer healing at the cellular level!

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