At Cancer Center For Healing we offer you personalized cancer care by testing your genetics through an R.G.C.C. blood analysis test. R.G.C.C. stands for Research Genetic Cancer Center which is an international company utilized by 14 countries world wide. The Cancer Center for Healing is one of the few cancer treatment centers in the U.S.A using this type of cancer testing!

This blood test analyzes circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells through targeted test results. The results from the test help us recommend the best type of chemo that will respond to your cancer and also what natural treatments have the likelihood of working for you. We are then able to tailor cancer treatment plans for our patients to enhance treatment outcomes. 

R.G.C.C. analysis has revolutionized how we care for our cancer patients. Over the past nine years, more than 300 physicians worldwide have utilized the R.G.C.C. personalized cancer care analysis with their patients and have seen tremendous strides in cancer survival.

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