Bio-Immune Survey

A non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the body’s vital functions. The primary objective of this procedure is to disclose patterns of stress and to provide feedback or use in a program to help restore each system and meridian to an appropriate balance. The Bio-Meridian Scan can answer many questions as to what could be causing an imbalance of the body’s system and organ performance. It can identify stressors to the body to then customize a protocol that addresses the nutritional support for the stressed or weakened organs.

The cancer cascade is how cancer works and the steps you can take to either return your body to health or prevent your body from being a good “host” for cancer to develop. If your body tests positive for needing one of the Natura formulas, then you can extrapolate that there is a weakened system and the right environment for cancer to continue to grow undetected by the immune system. With this early energetic positive testing, a nutritional protocol can then be created that can reverse the cascade before a tumor even develops.

Part1: Checking all meridian pathways to find imbalances, which gives a baseline reading

Part 2: What makes this the Cancer Cascade or Bio Immune Survey is that the patient is tested on Natura’s products & protocols- (and the information on how many Natura products are needed) Testing is also done for an overgrowth of abnormal cells in organs & tissues.

Part 3: Applies to the Bio-Meridian or Cancer Cascade/Bio Immune Survey, this test detects toxins in the body and provides whatever support is needed.



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