H20 has always been the chemical symbol for water but did you know in the early 1900’s scientists discovered that a heavier form of hydrogen called deuterium is also present in our drinking water as well? There are in fact about 6 drops (300 milligrams) of deuterium in each liter of water on our planet.  Recently this deuterium has been implicated in damaging our cell’s energy mechanisms, compromising health, DNA replication and longevity. Deuterium slows down energy production, interferes with mitochondrial function, and increases the production of damaging free radicals.

Here at The Cancer Center for Healing we give our cancer patients Litewater 10 which is 94%-97% deuterium depleted water. The creation of Litewater uses a costly processes that duplicates Nature’s hydrologic cycle while removing all impurities. Litewater supports the body’s ability to enhance the cell’s mitochondria to make Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cell energy of life that supports every biological function.

Oncologists around the world are constantly conducting research to find additional measures that can prevent growth of the tumor and increase life expectancy. Years of research shows that Light water (deuterium depleted water) contributes greatly to fighting cancer.  It can be used as an additional tool in cancer therapy and prevention; it can be safely applied in addition to conventional treatments and as a complement to them. Anti-tumor properties of light water in extensive scientific researches and experiments have proved that the use of light water results in tumor regression and may cause its necrosis.  No side effects were observed as healthy cells (unlike cancer cells) easily adapt to water deuterium depletion.