Early Detection

Blood Test

Early and advanced stages of cancer can be detected with a simple blood test, which can detect proteins and/or other substances made by the cancer in your blood. Give our Integrative Cancer Specialists a call to learn more.

BioImmune Survey

The BioImmune Survey provides a completely non-invasive test done on the hands and feet for gaining valuable information about the body's vital functions. It can answer many questions as to what could be causing an imbalance of the body's system and organ performance. 
It's not always easy to tell what caused the symptoms in the first place. Symptoms are evidence of diseases occurring when the body is overwhelmed with toxins and cannot eliminate them. By using the BioImmune Survey to determine what toxins are stressing the body, healing can occur faster than it would otherwise. 

Cancer Profile Test

Since most cancers take 8-10 years to develop into a tumor that can be detected by traditional means, the EDS Bio Survey (cancer profile) is a critical aspect of determining where in the cancer cascade your body currently is. The cancer cascade is how cancer works and the steps you can take to either return your body to health or prevent your body from being a good “host” for cancer to develop. If your body tests positive for needing one of the Natura formulas, then you can extrapolate that there is a weakened system and the right environment for cancer to continue to grow undetected by the immune system. With this early energetic positive testing, a nutritional protocol can then be created that can reverse the cascade before a tumor even develops. Remember, the tumor is just a symptom of the cancer’s overgrowth for many years.

The Natura line of Chinese formulas are targeted and system specific for each organ system. Used as drugs for treatment of cancer for over a hundred years in China, they were brought to the U.S. over 12 years ago by AmericanNutriceuticals’ founder Bill Coury and have been used successfully by hundreds of practitioners as part of a full nutritional and therapeutic protocol.

The Natura formula would be the base of the protocol with other supplements given to support your body and change your “good host” status.

Supplement Protocol (Sample):

  1. Ecomer – increases immune function
  2. Noni – increases NK cells and supports growth of healthy new cells
  3. Nutrizyme – proteolytic enzymes breakdown the fibrin wall that is formed on cancer cells thus exposing it as abnormal for the immune system to kill it
  4. Essential Detox – rids the body of environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, pesticides, e.t.c.
  5. Vitality C – high doses of Vitamin C aids in antioxidant support and detoxification
  6. Stress Release – increases your natural production of SOD for inter-cellular detoxification
  7. pH Balancer Plus – alkalizea the micro-environment around the cancer cells, thus causing apoptosis

R.G.C.C. Blood Analysis

Here at Cancer Center For Healing we offer you personalized cancer care by testing your genetics through R.G.C.C.-USA, LLC’s blood analysis test. This blood test analyzes circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells through targeted test results. Cancer Center For Hope is then able to tailor cancer treatment plans for our patients to enhance treatment outcomes. R.G.C.C. analysis has revolutionized how we care for our cancer patients. Over the past nine years, more than 300 physicians worldwide have utilized the R.G.C.C. personalized cancer care analysis with their patients and have seen tremendous strides in cancer survival.

The R.G.C.C. tests are designed to assess which types of cancer treatments will be most effective for a specific person and type of cancer.

R.G.C.C. Tests

ONCOCOUNT: This test will report only the number of Circulating Cancer Tumor Cells (CTC’s). It does not include any other information concerning the CTC’s or Circulating Cancer Stem Cells (CSC’s).

ONCOTRACE: This test will report the number of CTC’s, any positive CSC’s, and the immunophenotype of these cells. The most useful screening test. This test should be ordered first and if positive one can then order the TU Profile Plus. R.G.C.C. must be notified by e-mail to continue with the TU Plus Profile before the 9th day after receiving results. If one waits longer a new blood sample will be needed.

ONCOTRAIL: This test is a tailor made test for a specific type of malignancy such as breast cancer (Oncotrail for Breast), prostate (Oncotrail for Prostate) and so on. This test includes only markers relative to a specific type of malignancy which makes the test for follow up control patient management.

TU PROFILE: This includes the chemosensitivity/chemoresistance assessment for cytotoxic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, and small molecules that inhibit specific targets eg. (TKI, etc.). No natural substances tested.

TU PROFILE PLUS: This test is the TU PROFILE TEST, above, and includes the assessment of natural substances and plant extracts for any anticancer potency. The most complete and the most information for personal cancer care and support.

TU PROFILE EXTRACTS: This test includes only the assessment of natural substances and plant extracts for any anticancer potency. No chemotherapeutic agents tested and no tumor suppressor genes tested.

SUPPORTIVE OLIGONUCLEOTIDE TECHNIQUE (SOT): This is not a test, rather the patient’s blood is used to make the SOT by using the mRNA to induce certain gene expressions. SOT has the ability to induce apoptosis in the CTCs and all primary and metastatic tumors. The SOT can also be used for viruses.


Thermography advocates have long supported a collaborative approach. The American College of Clinical Thermography describes thermography as “an adjunct to the appropriate use of mammography,” not a competitor. The ACCT website states, “thermography has the ability to identify patients at the highest risk and actually increase the effective usage of mammographic imaging procedures.” Thermography has the ability to pick up thermal findings, changes in the skin that are due to early breast cancer, that can be found years before it’s visible on a mammogram. Women under age 50 have denser breast tissue, which makes it more difficult for mammograms to detect abnormalities. Breast cancers are particularly aggressive and grow significantly faster in younger women.

Mammography Vs. Thermography


  • Uses x-rays to produce an image of the breast. Areas with abnormalities need to be dense enough to be see. However, if too dense, interpretation
    may be difficult.
  • Focuses on structural imaging and has the ability to locate an area of suspicious tissue.
  • Early detection method, when breast tissue abnormality becomes evident.
  • Cannot diagnose cancer. Can detect some tumors in the pre-invasive stage.
  • For most women with private insurance, annual mammography screenings are covered without co-payments or deductibles, but it’s important to contact the mammogram facility and your insurance carrier to confirm insurance coverage. Also, Medicare pays for annual screening for all female beneficiaries who are age 40 or older.


  • Uses infrared imaging technology to detect heat and vascular activity. Heat is compiled into a computerized image for analysis.
  • Focuses on physiologic changes, changes in temperatures and vascular activity that could indicate abnormal activity in an area of the breast.
  • Early detection method, when abnormal vascular patterns and temperature changes are detected, generally much earlier than tissue abnormality is visible.
  • Cannot diagnose cancer. May provide the first signal that changes are occurring in the breast tissue.
  • Generally not covered by health insurance plans. Some plans may offer some out-ofnetwork coverage, but you should check with your plan administrator first. Thermography screenings are eligible expenses for health care flexible spending accounts and Health Savings Accounts. The cost of breast thermography screening averages $200.

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