Medical Care Financing & Fundraising

Covering the cost for medical bills can be a stressful process. Here at Cancer Center For Healing we are here to help make the financial portion of your medical care stress-free. Some of our patients have utilized financing and fundraising to assist with the cost of medical care. For more information, contact Dana Morgan at (949) 581-4673 or email

List of fundraising and financing options:

  • Kickstarter: This website helps people who are starting up a business or an idea to raise money. Once business is running, profits could be utilized for cancer treatments. Donations usually need.
  • Beckstrand Cancer Foundation: For local Southern Californians they offer financial assistance.
  • Health Fairs: Solicit cooperation from local medical professionals to donate services, screenings, ask for donations, utilize raffles, or gift bags
  • Haircuts: Ask local barbers and stylists to donate haircuts by pledging a certain donation amount per inch of hair cut.
  • Bake sales
  • Church Fundraisers
  • Yard Sales
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Sell tee shirts to race participants. For more information call (949)715-6789
  • American Cancer Society will donate miles, free flights, and follow up visits to patients undergoing cancer treatment.  For more information, call (800)227-2345 or visit
  • Health Insurance Opportunities: Medi-Share (866)606-7390, Christian HealthCare (800)772-5623, and Samaritan Ministries
  • Non Reimbursed Medical is a tax write off % of income
  • California has a Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment program which provides assistance to low-income women
  • California has a Cancer Legal Resource Center that could offer assitance
  • Every state has a Breast and Cervical Cancer early detection program for uninsured and low income patients. State specific info can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • California offers a Prostate Cancer treatment program that pays for care lasting up to a year. For more information, visit California Department of Health Care Services
  • Many private organizations will pay for treatment, rent, etc. For example,
  • Check for organizations that specialize in your cancer such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Society
  • Cancer financial Assistant Coalition
  • California and other states offer temporary disability programs to offset loss of income
  • Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are available
  • Californians can shop for an insurance policy starting at


Life Credit Company

Life Credit Company (LCC) offers financial medical support through an innovative program that allows Cancer Center For Healing patients diagnosed with cancer to qualify for a loan against their life insurance policy.

Here’s how it works:

Through LCC’s Living Benefit program, you can receive a cash advance of up to 50 percent of your life insurance policy’s death benefit while still preserving coverage for your family. This program is designed to assist with treatment expenses such as travel, co-pays and out-of-network prescriptions. The funds may also be used to replace lost income and to consolidate debt.

Program features:

  • Keep your policy.  Retain part of your life insurance policy for your family’s protection.
  • No loan payments. You will never be required to make loan payments of any kind.
  • No more premiums. Life Credit will pay all of your life insurance policy’s future premiums.
  • Fast Approval. Loans are typically approved in three days from receipt of application.
  • No credit checks. You will never be declined due to poor credit or lack of income.


Life Credit Company works with all types of life insurance policies above $75,000 (including group and term). For more information on this program, please contact Life Credit at 888-274-1777 or go to >