Low Dose Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy

Most of us at one time in our lives have witnessed the devastation of a loved one receiving standard chemotherapy. Cancer Center for Healing offers low dose insulin potentiated chemotherapy, a treatment which has been around since the 1940's. Our low dose chemotherapy program is effective with most types of cancer.

After determining the best chemo agents to utilize from the R.G.C.C. genetic blood testing, we determine the most effective three agents and administer 1/10th the normal dosage with little to no side effects. The efficacy of this treatment is enhanced by the usage of insulin which prepares the patient's body for the "therapeutic moment". This "therapeutic moment" is when the cancer cells are literally starving for sugar, their main source of nourishment. Since these cells have 10x more insulin receptors, once we administer the chemo agents, the cancer cells are the first ones to absorb them and the healthy cells needed for healing are spared. Patients do not experience hair loss, organ damage or changes in their DNA.

A 1981 study found that using insulin increased the killing effect of the chemo drug methotrexate by a factor of 10,000! This effective treatment allows our patients to continue living a high quality of life especially combined with our pre- and post- alternative treatments. The pre- and post- treatments enhance the efficacy of the chemo agents and target the stem cells of the cancer, which chemotherapy alone cannot accomplish.

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