What We Do Differently

Cancer is not the disease of one body part. Cancer is the disease of the entire body, with an uncontrollable growth of cells damaged by carcinogens or cancer-causing toxins.
For example, breast, ovarian, or colon cancer does not only affect the breast, ovaries or the colon– it affects the entire body. Therefore, treatment of cancer should not be confined to treating only the tumor, and the affected area. Treatment of cancer should be the treatment of all of you.
To restore balance and achieve full healing, this takes a whole team of doctors, treatments, and support.

At Cancer Center For Healing, we have developed Personalized Healing Treatments to offer you the most advanced and comprehensive care for your complex cancer.

Whole Body Healing Platform | Cancer Center For Healing
  • Purification (Detoxing the Body)
  • Emotional Work (Connecting the Mind-Body-Soul)
  • Enhance the Immune System
  • Healing with Nutrition
  • Creating an Anti-Cancer Environment
  • Energy Testing & BioFeedback
  • Pain Relief
  • Laboratory Assessments
  • IV Therapies
  • Supplementation & Nutraceuticals