SEP Sound Therapy


Sono-electro pulse therapy utilizes sound energy, or sonic waves, to help reduce pain, help with swelling and inflammation, and may have applications to assist with the treatments used for cancer or wound management. The Sono-electro pulse (SEP) machine is an electro hydraulic shock wave therapy that emits a powerful sound wave that can penetrate into surface (superficial) and deep tissues to stimulate the immune system. This can help to improve several conditions while decreasing recovery time. By helping to stimulate blood flow and circulation to the area of pain or injury, increased blood flow will bring white blood cells, which help us to defend the body against foreign invaders and/or cancer (our own invaders). The sound energy also helps to re-direct the nerve impulses and sensation of pain; however, it does not provide instant pain relief during the procedure (but pain is generally diminished after the treatment is completed).


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