What is SOT?

Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy (SOT) is a personalized treatment for cancer or viral infections that combines a patient’s cancer cells with their immune-signaling cells. This stimulates your immune system to attack either the cancer or viral infections in your body.

How does SOT work?

SOT works through a blood test that looks for circulating tumor cells and once the results are in after two to three weeks, the next phase of treatment can begin. In the next phase we choose the SOT protocol based on the cancer.  You can only use one type of SOT at a time (cancer or virus) and you should never mix two different SOT therapies.  

Mixing SOT therapies in a very short span will increase the risk of cross-reaction.  We recommend leaving a 1-2 month gap between different SOT therapies. Since the SOT has a stealth-like ability to induce death to viruses and cancer cells, it can remain effective for about six months.  In a twelve month period, a patient can take three SOT doses from the date of the first dose.  Other viral or natural medication therapies won’t negatively affect the SOT protocol.

We offer many cancer therapies and each will vary based on your cancer.

Start your healing journey!

If you are ready to begin we recommend our 45-minute in-depth consultation going over your medical records, types of treatment we offer and any concerns you have.

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