Research has discovered the powerful anti-tumor agent of Vitamin C IV Therapy. High doses of vitamin C are selectively toxic to cancer cells, meaning the vitamin C fights cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue alone. Dr. Mark Levine, an internationally acclaimed researcher at the National Institutes of Health, led a team of researchers to analyze the cancer-killing effect of high-dose vitamin C treatment. They discovered that after a high dose and rapid intravenous infusion of vitamin C, large concentrations of vitamin C reacts spontaneously with the molecular oxygen within tumors and generates large amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which is lethal to tumor cells.

For years, vitamin C has been recognized as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants available. How can a substance with antioxidant properties, produce levels of oxidative stress enough to kill cancer? The answer is simple, the effect of vitamin C in the body is dose-dependent. The research at the National Institutes of Health proved that to consistently achieve the concentration of vitamin C sufficient to provoke oxidation, a patient must receive dozens of grams of intravenous infusions of vitamin C. High doses of oral administration of vitamin C have been proven completely ineffective in tumor regression.

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