Thermography Scan

Breast thermography creates a digital map of your body that illustrates heat patterns – patterns that may detect some condition or abnormality of the breasts. It uses a scanning-type infrared camera that measures your body surface temperature, presenting the information as a digitized image. Unlike mammograms, which look at anatomical changes in the breast, thermograms look at vascular changes in the breast by detecting blood flow patterns, inflammation and asymmetries. The usefulness in its use in Breast Disease is remarkable because the rapid growth that takes place in malignant states causes the body to need more blood supply in the affected area and even to grow new blood vessels into the area, and this extra blood and blood supply create a distinctive heat pattern on the Thermogram image.

  • May detect cancer cells at work months or years before a tumor even forms
  • No bodily contact and no uncomfortable compression
  • FDA-approved as an adjunctive tool in breast cancer screening
  • Also helps diagnose fibrocystic disease, infection, and vascular disease
  • Since approximately 1,000 men in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer yearly, this is also an important tool for them

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