UVLRX Therapy

The UVLRX Treatment SystemTM intravenous (IV) drip delivers therapeutic light wavelengths, including ultraviolet and visible light, directly into the circulatory system.

Light therapy has been used across the globe to successfully treat a variety of diseases, including some forms of cancer, for nearly 80 years. It delivers light therapy intravenously without the complexity, cost, and safety risks of the transfusion method. The UV protocol is applied directly to the bloodstream while treating 100% of the blood.

UVLRX Therapy Benefits:

  • Pathogen Deactivation (Cancer, Cold, Bugs, Flu, Herpes, Hepatitis)
  • Immune System Stimulation
  • Improves Oxygen Saturation & Blood Flow
  • Increases ATP (energy) levels and promotes cell repair

It's Safe, Simple, & Effective!

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